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Choosing a caterer for your wedding is no small decision. Of course you want your guests to remember the food, but the taste and staff presence at your wedding will also set the tone for the evening. A professional and relaxed caterer can make a busy time seem less stressful. And delicious food is a great conversation piece for new acquaintances. Some of the elements to consider when choosing the right fit for your wedding are:

Availability/Attention to detail

During the months and weeks leading up to your wedding, there are often changes, new ideas and details to work out. How much time does your caterer have for you? Will you be one of several weddings on that day, and will the person that you are planning your event with be at the wedding?


Each chef, like each artist, has their own representation of taste. When cooking for 150, attention to detail is especially necessary. Does your caterer make every dish listed on their menu, or do they use any pre-made hors d’oeuvres or sauces? Do the dishes and recipes represent you and your partner? For example, couples might wish to include dishes to represent their Italian background, or the area where they met.


Does your caterer use a variety of colors and textures? Does your caterer confer with you and your wedding planner on the look and feel of your wedding; the flowers, color, music? The food is part of a greater flow and feel at your wedding, and this collaboration can really bring things together.

At 111 Maine, we take the time to be in touch and available to each of our brides. Jennifer meets with all of the brides on event planning and coordination. In addition, we hand-make every item that is listed on our catering menu. Although we might be cooking for 150 people, we strive to have our food  taste as though we were cooking for an intimate dinner party. In order to do this, we have two experienced chefs in the kitchen, and chef Jennifer creates all of the recipes, and tastes and adjusts each dish that leaves the kitchen.

Wedding services may include:

  • Equipment Rentals
  • Staffing
  • Site Selection
  • Bartending
  • Wedding / Event Coordination
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Wedding Cakes

We understand as you shop around, you would like to have an idea of pricing, however, because of the personalized nature of our catering, we cannot give you a specific menu proposal without having some information about your wedding. Feel free to either fill out our wedding contact form or call (207) 729-9111 for help with planning, amounts to order, logistics, etc.

Photo by 111 Maine
Photo by 111 Maine
Photo by 111 Maine